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Our business development services draw on our extensive understanding of the market.† More than 95% of businesses in Cambodia are MSMEs and in a rapidly changing environment, where coordination, public voice, profitability and competition are key to the success and development of our economy, our business development services are aimed at working with young entrepreneurs and policy makers to ensure their businesses develop and their industries can lobby for necessary change to thrive. Our years of experience in doing what we do best; bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and relevant contacts to the projects with our clients result in practical and frank advice directed at impact.

  • Business planning for startup. Our team excels in business planning for startup and even invests our profits into the start-up of feasible business ideas. Youth and entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to pursue the world of entrepreneurialism. Should visit our Business Incubator. Click here
  • SME business growth planning & getting ready for investment. For established enterprises who wish to pursue investment or partner with international providers, business planning is often the challenge. Our team brings practical advice and thorough evaluation of the environment; marketing, financial, business or social plans that are needed to take the next step. Our team helps with hands on advisory services, whether organizational challenges, strategic, marketing or financial, to ensure our clients are ready for their investors and partners.
  • Accounting systems & financial reporting development. As enterprises become more competitive and reap the rewards of years of hard-work and personal investment into their businesses, moving from traditional accounting methods to electronic systems and reporting mechanisms for future investment and business control becomes a key challenge. Our team works with businesses in a variety of sectors setting up accounting systems that comply with international accounting principles and helps to build the capacity of client staff in on going management and implementation of the systems.
  • Practical advice to existing businesses on implementing the law. Practical advisory services include, understanding business registration and laws, complying with accounting standards, assisting in understanding the importance of governance, human resources development and compliance including social security.
  • HR planning and structuring. Drawing on the expertise of our sister company HRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, our team makes human resources planning and structuring central to the.

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