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The business incubator is part of the Innovation and Incubation group and looks to invest start-up funds through equity investments with preferential buy back for the entrepreneur.  We are looking to identify and grow the business leaders of tomorrow.  The Incubator looks to invest up to 20,000 dollars into new start-ups.   In addition to seed-capital, the team will provide business consulting services and mentoring advice to the entrepreneur to help them succeed and overcome the challenges of a start-up.  Successful businesses are linked to bigger investment funds after 5 years of operations to help grow, access global markets or expand regionally.

Why the business incubator fund. Creating Jobs, is just as important as getting a job!  We believe in investing in our environment and economy.  We believe in investing in tomorrow’s generation.  Cambodia enjoyed double digit growth from 2004 – 2007 but was not spared from the impact of the economic crises. With over 200,000 young people entering the workforce every year and less than 150,000 jobs being created – we believe that it is critical to establish enterprises and provide opportunities to young people who demonstrate entrepreneurial strength, to create those economic opportunities for others. The strength, intellectual energies and stamina of our younger generation needs to be exploited and tapped to build a sustainable economy.  To do this, they need a platform where they can experiment and learn from others.

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