BDLink (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

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Our Values and Beliefs

  • Integrity & professionalism: We believe in the integrity of our profession and ensure we uphold the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • A passion for a better tomorrow: We work with a strong desire to develop a better tomorrow that is sustainable and creates a trickle-down of economic benefits. We believe in clients with the same passion, whether small or large, private or not-for-profit.
  • We value collaboration: We believe that collaboration with our partners and clients makes us better in what we do. We value different perspectives which helps us understand the enormity of the challenges we face today. We believe in partners who share the same values as we do.
  • We build the leaders of tomorrow: We value the development and progression of  our team members. We invest in their futures, and ensure that each team member has the opportunity to contribute more broadly to our business and social environment.
  • We make a difference: We transfer our knowledge and skills. We live where we work and make sure our clients have the ongoing support and intelligence to succeed.
  • We stretch the value of a dollar: We believe in making a contribution that lasts, not just providing a token to feel good. We understand the value of a dollar and stretch that value to ensure that the endeavors we choose to pursue will have a lasting impact.
  • We believe in businesses! We are all in the business of business – whether public, development, private or not-for-profit. The bottom line matters and how you invest and distribute your profits and budget will determine the quality and passion of your team. See How we Do it for more information.

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