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All our research services draw on the extensive resources we have at our disposal. Core to our research ethic is ensuring confidentiality of respondents and our clients.

Our processes are rigorous with a focus on ensuring quality of data. We invest in the preparation and training of researchers to understand project goals and objectives ensuring they are part of the bigger picture.

We have worked across Cambodia – from the North to the South, the East to the West. We partner with expert researchers and topic experts when needed and draw on the resources of our companies to ensure that our clients get the best value for money.

Our quantitative research services draw on a team of expert professionals who live and work in Cambodia and are renowned for their productivity, efficiency, ability to work across a variety of different levels and bring the “voice from the field” into meaningful and practical results oriented reporting.

Our qualitative research services ensure that our clients have the data that is needed to make business decisions. Mostly combined with quantitative research, we ensure that data is relevant, up to date and presented in a meaningful manner with interpretation to support broader understanding and linkages in the market.

Our perception surveys combined both qualitative and quantitative techniques – whether consumer perceptions, staffing perceptions or your customer base. Our team utilizes a range of innovative research methods to understand the perceptions of the target audience including mystery shopping, KAP Surveys, Focus Groups, online questionnaires, one-on-one in-depth interviews. Our team is invested in turning perception surveys into tangible marketing campaigns and assists our clients, drawing on the expertise of local marketing agencies, to turn research into meaningful brands and promotion campaigns.

Our social and public research impact policy and make a difference! Our team tracks trends in the market and regularly invest in research through our profits to contribute to much needed knowledge sharing in Cambodia. See our Knowledge Centre for more information.
Social research includes monitoring & evaluation, base line assessments & tracking, developing tools for our clients to continue the tracking and evaluation process in the future. Core to our social and public research is our interpretation and presentation ability helping our clients to get the most value from complex data.

Our clients include new investors, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit, social and public sector. Our work combines a variety of research methods and techniques. With our extensive experience in Cambodia and the ability to draw on a wide range of stakeholders for inputs, from ministers to farmers, CEOs to street vendors, our team evaluates value chains, reviews supply chains, implements feasibility studies, conducts broad based consumer and investor research, investor perception surveys and social marketing research that impacts at a policy level and helps improve the business, social and investment climate.

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