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Our Innovation and Incubation team is passionate about enterprising, creating innovative sustainable solutions and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. We are business people with a strong social sense and we tackle development challenges with those values. The team helps enterprises work more responsibly and increase their impact on the bottom line – people, planet, productivity and profit for all involved.

  • We promote industry and understand people working with business associations, cooperatives and entrepreneurs.
  • We link entrepreneurs & financiers bringing together important parties who will drive the development of innovative ideas and create the jobs of tomorrow. Business people and entrepreneurs ourselves, we really know how hard it can be to get access to information, contacts and support needed to grow.
  • We develop new business ideas and make them happenour team is regularly scanning the market for new opportunities in Green, Sustainable and Fair business
  • We invest in good business ideasour team is constantly looking for those entrepreneurs who are going to make a difference to our economy today. We welcome the submission of business ideas and opportunities to support new start-ups with our business development services.

Visit the Business Incubator to submit a business idea.

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