BDLink (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

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Our business model ensures that we are flexible, adaptable and progressive in what we do. Whether one-on-one mentoring or a country wide research study, we pay attention to the details that allow us to deliver results for impact, not just reports. We do not shy away from a difficult approach or solution. We push our boundaries in thinking and idea generation to ensure our clients get the most value. What differentiates us is that we believe whether public, not-for-profit or private sector – we are all in the business of business! The bottom line matters and how we decide to invest or spend a dollar is what makes any organization sustainable, profitable or delivering on the promises they make.

We believe in:

  • Understanding our clients and their objectives within the business, social and environmental context. We bring international consulting best practices to a dynamic and developing environment.
  • Engaging in our environment and its development. Our consultants live and work in-country and hold executive positions on some of Cambodia’s leading business associations. We are engaged in society and are passionate about making a difference in what we do, more broadly at a policy level and socially. We are invested in what we do for the long term, and bring the benefits of our investments and extensive networks to our clients.
  • Business! Whether our client is a public authority, development partner, NGO or enterprise, we believe that are our clients are in business. The business of public services, the business of making money, the business of survival, the business of development.
  • Good business, sustainable business, & profitable business. The bottom line is what matters, no matter what business you’re in. We take the BDLINK business approach to our work ensuring that our clients will succeed and that the success can be measured – whether it’s a profit, an output, a productivity measure or understanding the value of how we spend a dollar!
  • Competition as a way to ensure efficiency, sustainability & profitability. Good business, sustainable business or profitable business does not exist without competition. Ensuring our clients remain competitive in their pursuits is an important element of our BDLINK Business approach.
  • Development and creating linkages. We walk the talk. We develop businesses, we link businesses. We believe in collaboration and learning from others. We take the same approach with our clients when working with them. We help you to develop by transferring knowledge; we link you to the right people and opportunities.
  • Investing in Cambodia and our clients. Our clients are partners and part of our linkages. We invest in long term relationships.


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